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Francesc Casarramona i Agustí, Egarenc nascut el 1923, Born in 1923, and acting as a commercial and insurance agent, he founded the business “Representaciones Casarramona ” in 1953.
This based its economic activity on the commercialization of office furniture, scales and safes, as well as all kinds of accessories such as folders, mechanical typewriters, among others.

Market evolution

In Vallés Occidental there was a certain business euphoria given that the number of companies dedicated to textiles was extraordinary. The working society of Tarragona did not have large incomes, but neither did it know about unemployment.

Egara settlement

In the year 1962 opened the store in the “Arrabal de Jose Antonio, nº1” of Tarrasa (today Placeta de la Font Trobada, nº1, headquarters of Casarramona, S. A.)

Second generation

IT & Companies

It was precisely Eduard Casarramona who in 1978 introduced in Terrassa the concept of microcomputer, presenting the TRS-80 equipment of the Radio-Shack house
(brand that in the 90s would be TANDY, and that later would merge with NEC).

The 80s

For the first time, it offers the possibility to keep accounting, and even invoicing and digital communication, with a scale. The great oil crisis of the late 70s, added to the loss of competitiveness of Catalan textile manufacturers, caused continuous failures of companies in Terrassa.
“Casarramona Representacions”, sees astonished as all the businesses of the city go into decline.


In 1981, with the entry into the business of the second brother of the Casarramona saga, Antoni, and given his interest in electronics, “Casarramona Representacions” decides to reopen the computer adventure. This time starting from the bottom. This fact coincides with the appearance of auto moto in the history of computer science, elSr. Clive Sinclair with his Sinclair ZX-80.

At the same time, its evolution, the Sinclair ZX-81, came on the market, and just a few months later, the “Ford T” of computing throughout Europe, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. With a CPU z80 of 8 bits i 16Kb of ram expandable to 48Kb, with BASIC language integrated as standard and with a graphic resolution of 256×192 i 16 colors.

Parallel to Mr Sinclair, the then giant IBM launched a computer with an Intel 8088 8-bit CPU, with 16Kb (expandable to 640Kb) but intended for the SME market, the IBM PC. It would be such a success of this computer all over the world, that it would lay the foundation of what today we call Compatible PC computers.

The differences between the two computers, the Spectrum and the IBM PC, can be summed up in one word: reliability. IBM created a product that, not being technologically pioneering, brought the robustness of a typewriter to a computer. With the Spectrum, the IBM PC, then the New Brain, Oric, Amstrad, Commodore, Einstein, Apricot, Atari and a long etcetera, the business had grown again and needed another legal form adapted to reality.
In 1983, shortly before finishing his studies in industrial engineering, the third of the Casarramona brothers in Josep Maria, also contributes to the activity of the family business. In 1987, after finishing his career and military service, and anxious to give a more entrepreneurial turn in the activity, he promoted the creation of a Public Limited Company. This is how the current legal form Casarramona, S. A. was born, with the same vocation of service to people as in its inception.


Placeta Font Trobada,
08221 Terrassa (BCN)


937 336 666


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