Digitalizer Agent


Digitalizer Agent
CASARRAMONA adheres as a Digitizing Agent

Casarramona S.A. adheres as a Digitizing Agent to the aid program for the digitization of small businesses, microenterprises and people in a situation of self-employment, within the Digital Kit program C032/21-ED.

What is Digital Kit?

The Digital Kit is a project of the Government of Spain, financed with NEXT Generation European funds and within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The main objective is to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions available in the Spanish business fabric to improve the levels of competitiveness and productivity of the Spanish economy.



If you are an SME or self-employed, it’s time to grow your business, and thanks to the Digital Kit program, you will be able to do it with great financial help.

Digital Company

Various reports point out that the low level of digitalization of Spanish SMEs is one of the main obstacles to the economic potential of the country.

What is the amount of the grant from the

Digital Kit?

The amount of the subsidy depends on the number of workers of the applicant company, being established 3 segments:

  • Segment I.
    Small businesses between 10 and less than 50 employees up to 12,000 euros
  • Segment II.
    Small businesses or Microenterprises between 3 and less than 10 employees up to 6,000 euros
  • Segment III.
    Small businesses or Microenterprises with between 0 and less than 3 employees up to 3,000 euros
When can I order the Digital Kit?
The bases of the Digital Kit program were published in the BOE on Thursday, December 30, 2021. It is expected that the registration period for digitizing agents will open in mid-January 2022 and the first grants can be applied for in February 2022.

Where are the Digital Kit aids requested?
The Help of Digital Kit is requested in

Acelera Pyme y


Digitalization Solutions


Digitalization Solutions

Process management


  • service capacity
  • performance
  • usability and experience

Virtual office tools


  • integration between applications
  • collaboration with third parties
  • store and share files in the cloud

Cybersecurity and protection


  • protection against cyber attacks
  • navigation safely
  • IT contingency plan

Safe Workplace

Get a New…

  • Updated Equipment
  • Security and Risk Prevention
  • Updated Environment to the new Digital Challenges
Operational improvement of business processes:
Optimization operational processes of the company, with our ERP in the areas of management, accounting, finance, sales, purchasing, costs…

Prices: 1.600€ to 17.000€

Additional modules to ERP:
Expansion of functionalities with the additional modules of the ERP management system: document management, product configuration, advanced production planning, workflows…

Prices: 2.500€ to 14.000€

Integration with third-party solutions:
Integration of other solutions, which complement the ERP for the unification of data in a single system. Software…/h6>

Prices: 3.000€ to 14.000€

The interactivity of work teams

Define your technological infrastructure capable of implementing appropriate strategies, which allow you to improve your user experiences
  • Collaboration of work teams
  • Store and share files with cloud storage.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Calendar and agenda, allow to organize a calendar and planned tasks.
  • Corporate mail and synchronized with the users’ work agenda.

Prices: 250€ per user

Close the door to phishing, malware, ransomware and other attacks that can put your business at risk.


We will identify, in real time, thosecyber threats that may endanger the continuity of your SME.


Protect the future of your business by being affected by a cyberattack. . We will solve and put an end to computer threats and attacks that put your business project at risk.


End the worry of information and file hijacking in exchange for a ransom.
Get it all back in a matter of seconds, wherever you are, and don’t let anything stop you fromcontinuing with your business activity.


For SMEs from 0 to 50 employees (segments I, II and III) Max.125€/user

Safe Workplace


The main objective of this category is to provide you with a safe job in order to ENHANCE or improve your productivity.
  • You will receive a HARDWARE device that must include the product integrated, a license and an ENCRYPTION at rest that ensures the privacy of the data and documents stored on the device.
  • This device may be a new laptop or desktop computer. In addition, it must have at least the following hardware features:
Minimum requirements of the hardware device:
  • A minimum processor of 4 physical cores and a maximum CPU clock speed of at least 2.9 GHz and have obtained a minimum score of 15,000 in PassMark Software, dated May 13, 2024.
  • A minimum of 16GB DDR4 RAM.
  • A minimum of 512 GB SSD storage. In addition, your data will be protected with encryption, the password will be provided by the Digitizing Agent.
  • A factory pre-installed and licensed operating system.
  • Integrated graphics, network and sound cards.
  • Input/output interfaces, such as USB or microphone input ports, which may be integrated into the device or via a port replicator.
  • A screen, if it is a laptop, will be at least 13 inches; optical mouse, in case of laptops, the integrated mouse or touchpad will be accepted; webcam with minimum HD resolution and a smartcard reader (DNI-e) with USB interface.
  • In the particular case of desktop computers, you will have a minimum 23-inch monitor, Full HD minimum resolution and LCD, LED or equivalent display technology, at least one HDMI and European Union energy label; a keyboard and wiring for both device power and HDMI.
  • In the case of desktop and laptop computers, they must have at least one certification of the following types (or similar):
    • EPEAT Silver Registered.
    • TCO.
  • MIL STD 810H certification or equivalent. They must comply with a minimum of 5 methods, including: high temperature, low temperature and humidity.
Addressed to:
SMEs and Freelancers from any business area of Segment III.

Up to 1.000€

Consult with our team of experts how we can improve your company through the most appropriate technological solution to your needs

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